From American-International Pictures, that bastion of low budget teenage turbulence, this epic was directed by Edward L. Cahn.  Hot rod heroine Fay Spain, new in town and anxious for kicks, uses her ample cleavage to drive a big wedge between not-so-friendly racing competitors Steve Terrell (poor, honest good guy) and John Ashley (rich, arrogant bad guy). In no time at all, everyone’s engine is revved up over something or other (usually Miss Spain’s cleavage), pistons are firing out of control, and teenage angst is in high gear. It all comes to a riveting climax at the Big Stock Car Race. Meanwhile, there is a tragic accident, several fist fights, and lots of wild rock ‘n’ roll dancing at the local pizza palace. Also featuring Frank Gorshin and Tommy Ivo. Mr. Ivo would eventually give up acting and become a real race car driver. Life imitates art!

A typical AIP flick of the period with all of the teenagers portrayed by 25-30 year old actors. Great fun from the starting gun to the finish line!!

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